...every   woman   should       add
'da diva'
   to their      name!

About Da Diva

It only takes a few minutes for one to bask in her energy to recognize that Dominique, is a natural born star. There's a certain light that shines through, not only when she's on the microphone or in front of a camera, but her naturally bubbly personality makes you feel like she's been your best friend for years.

At a very early age, Dominique's parents' recognized her love for performing, whether it was in front of real people or the imaginary people in her head- having a microphone in hand was clearly when she felt the most comfortable. By the age of nine, Dominique had her own radio show. It was recorded in her bedroom on a cassette tape with her karaoke machine, of course.

After years of performing on different stages across her hometown of Richmond, Virginia, Dominique attended Virginia State University and majored in Mass Communications with a concentration in Radio & Television. In 2009, she landed an internship with the number one urban station in the market, WBTJ-Richmond 106.5 THE BEAT. While juggling the many struggles of college, assignments & working part-time; Dominique treated her internship with iHeart Media like a salary paying job. Her ambition & willingness to learn landed her first gig as part-time on air talent after just thirteen months. After producing number one ratings & quickly growing huge social media following- it didn't take long for the Program Director in the Norfolk market to notice her potential. Two years after college graduation, Dominique Da Diva was consistently the #1 Midday show on one of the top urban stations in the country, WOWI-103 JAMZ.

Her ability to connect with her audience through social media is truly remarkable. Between thousands of followers from all over the United States to viral videos with almost a million views, Dominique is guaranteed to not make you laugh but keep your attention. She continues to not only use her platform to highlight important issues within her community but also inspire every woman to be a stay positive, confident, shoot for the stars & remember to stay true to yourself & carry yourself as a 'diva!' As the CEO of DominiqueDaDiva, LLC , her mission is to not only to aspire other young #MediaQueens to follow their dream , but to show how powerful we are as women when we support each other.

Get acquainted. She's already everyone's best friend in their head!

Dominique Da Diva is surely on her way to being the next multi-media queen!